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Greetings & welcome to Vlahopol Guitars!


Why Custom Guitars?

 As a manufacturers of electric custom guitars at Vlahopol Guitars we feel it is an important factor to answer the question, “Why should I get a custom made guitar?”

Before we explain we can tell you form experience there are only three types of players in the world:

–       Players that want to sound like everybody else

–       Players that want to sound like somebody else

–       Players that want to sound like themselves

As a brand, Vlahopol Guitars is here for the last category.

We are pleased to tell you that we are developing a totally new concept both, on guitars and the way they are purchased.

We know that all guitar players big or small, great or modest, professional or hobbyists wish to have the perfect guitar and that most of the time such thing does not come to easy…

If you are a guitar player with at least some experience you know that a good guitar is an expansive guitar and that we all want or at least wish for a good instrument.


Well, we have some good news for you.


  1. Vlahopol Guitars has developed a new guitar models with interesting features.

We have been working for the last few years to come up with some new cool innovations to help guitar players in their quest for speed and better vibrato possibilities that is why we are going to make your custom electric guitar.


  1. Specially designed to your needs by a guitar player.

Vlahopol Guitars have a new design developed and are inspired from 2 big international brands. Some of the qualities are based on good body balance when you play guitar on stage for 2 or more hours.


  1. Offer you the possibility to  create your own sound.

Vlahopol Guitars will offer you the chance to discover and choose your own custom pickups and sound. We are working closely with a great winding factory with great experience in pickup manufacturing.


    1. Choose your own wood essence if you don’t want to use standard wood.

We have the possibility to go crazy and think big and wild.  Through our partners all over the world (Europe, USA & Australia), we can offer an impressive number of different types of the best TONE WOOD there is.


  1. Choose your own hardware to match your music style.

Well, a custom guitar is the guitar that meets your technical specifications, therefore we can offer you the chance to choose your own hardware. Recently we discovered through our partners that a new revolution in guitar hardware is about to begin with new models for different budgets.


  1. Offer you a very affordable instrument.

We always compare our guitars with the most expansive guitars there is – of course we do that OFF the RECORD – because we believe in fair competition  but we are striving and fighting to have the best guitars money can buy. 


  1. On top of everything we offer you the chance to become a signed artist get an important discount and also make money with us.

How is this possible?

Well it’s so easy. Get in touch with us, start the process of getting a guitar and every thing will be explained to you. You will see how easy it will be ot start to make money and play one of the best guitars there is. 


ALL this so, you can get your custom electric guitar with us

Enjoy your stay on the site,


Vlahopol Guitars Team – www.vlahopolguitars.com