Recording Studio

Asociatia Musicians 4 Musicians wishes to promote and encourage young and real talents.

We are a Bucharest based recording studio created to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing music industry. Our studio is not a very big one but it has top edge quality equipment and that mixed with a lot of patience can offer you great results.


We are fully equipped with a decent mix of both vintage analogue and digital equipment, therefore we aim to provide impressive recording results at a much affordable price than other comparable high-end studios.

If you are in a hurry and need / want to get rid of all problems do not hesitate to contact Mike. We can almost guaranty that we can offer you the best price on the market for any of the services that we offer.


Key services provided by The CROSSROADS Studio

• Audio Books • Professional Voice Over • Commercials •


We can also offer to help with:

•soundtracks for theaters or movies •web &/or gaming music •sound design •

•music for advertising •jingles •professional voice overs •dubbing (movies, cartoons & documentaries)


For Bands:

• Professional recordings • Tracking • Editing • Mixing • Mastering • Production Composition • Arrangements • Orchestrations.

• Artist development • Branding • Marketing.
• Albums • Singles • Enhanced CDs • Design • DVDs.
• Band Promotion • Online music distribution • Song Writing and Arrangement.


Over the time we have worked with different types of bands: BLUES, FUNK, RAP, POP, ROCK, COUNTRY, HOUSE, ETHNO, DANCE (very well known bands and artists as well as new ones).
We worked with TV Stations, Radios, Theaters and Film Production, Film Festivals.
With more than 35+ years of musical experience, playing with different bands, different styles helps a lot when it comes to studio recording.
It offers you certain musical mobility. As A studio we had the chance to work and record in both foreign and Romanian studios for an impressive number of bands from Cyprus, Greece, Germany, USA and Canada.
Discography & Studio Work
Mike has worked in the studio or collaborated for a number of national or international artists and here are most but not all of them: COLLABORATIONS