My Rig

Hi guys,

I am still working on a decent video to show you my FULL RIG since some musicians are asking what do I use that my guitars is sounds so good?!..

I have 3 different setups but this is my main one. So, in few lines my Guitar Rig goes like this:

1. First of all I have my Vlahopol Custom Guitars with Vlahopol Custom Pickups build for me exclusively by TESLA – which is freaking amazing.

Guitar > Bad Horsie II Wah Pedal  >  DS-1  > Jemini Distorsion >

LiberaToe L6 Platform with 6 amazing DUAL ANALOG pedals  >  


in the LiberaToe L6 I have: 2 Dual Drives, 2 Dual Distortions, 1 Dual Chorus, 1 Dual Delay,(what the heck is DUAL, you may ask?)…
Well, one of the very nice cool thing about LiberaToe is that each single pedal has TWO CHANNELS in One Pedal meaning TWO PEDALS IN ONE. So, Imagine I have 2 Drives and 2 Distortions which means I have a total of 4 Drives and 4 Distortions at my discretion.

the Zoom G5 is used just for some other Reverbs, Delays, Tube Boster and Volume pedal as they are all in one.

Since I got my LiberaToe L6 Platform I am not really using any of the DS-1 or Jemini since I have everything in the LiberaToe L6 but I keep it on the Board just to show people how they all sound.

They are all great but LiberaToe is FREAKING AMAZING.