Hi to all my GUITARIST friends,


For all my friends going crazy and FREAKING NUTS just like me about the ANALOG guitar sound I have some good news for you.


It is my privilege pleasure to share this good news about LiberaToe the first affordable boutique pedals … LiberaToe  are unique Full Analog, Dual Channel Guitar and Bass Pedals  that bring something new to “the table” for all Guitar Freaks out there.


How to fell in love with some guitar pedals??!!…


Ok, WHY LiberaToe?
1. ALL Pedals / Modules  are 100% ANALOG and they have an amazing versatility which you care rarely find in Deluxe pedal range.
  1. ALL LiberaToe Pedals / Modules have Dual or some have Triple mode – meaning you have 2 or 3 pedals in ONE.
  2. They are carefully made like Boutique Pedals with the price of a regular pedal.
  3. ALL Pedals / Modules are used in a new revolutionary way as Stomp Pedals or as a MultiEffect pedal with the advantage of a digital guitar processor but everythiung remaing 100% Full Analog
  4. The LiberaToe has a complete new system that lets you combine ANY Pedals / Modules you want , in any order you want without any patch cable in between IF you use the L4 or L6 Platforms.
  5. There are 3 types of platforms L1 for a Stomp Pedal / Module and L4 or L6 which are now in Beta testing
  6. in L1 you can put one Module at a time while in L4 / L6 you can put 4 or 6 modules in the respective platforms.
CAMUS  – Transparent OverDrive with Boster –
MonkHawk – OverDrive with FAT –
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