The UnderDog – part I – Sunrise

The UnderDog
part I – Sunrise

* The UnderDog is a Love Science Fiction Story based on real facts gathered from various people’s experiences where names are changed and any resemblance with real life people is not intentional: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. These characters are fictitious & this story is a Science Fiction scenario and should be treated as such. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious.
Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this material or any part thereof (including soundtracks and images) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.


I called her Cinderella for she disappeared very fast the first day I met her (I guess that was “a sign from the sky”). She is the one that made me write all these songs and turned my life upside down and inside out, the one that Rocked my life all the way for better and for worse. This album is dedicated to her, to ROCKS, My Muse, My Love, The One that promised me she would “Follow Me” to the end of the world and back and made me feel that the love she offered me “It’s Never Enough” always loving me in “Slow Mo” ant not only. Two the one that nearly had two of my babies and swore she would keep them. To the one that I would go to The End Of The World for and always tell her how much “I Love Your Mmm” and even so she never really tried to “Live a Little” for herself but at the same time she never gave us a real chance when all I was telling her was I love you and that “I Wanna Be Loved”.  To one of her kids that I helped so much in times of sorrows and pain, when he was literally banging his head to the wall when his parents argued in the middle of the night, when he was in pain in the hospital in real need of a friend I was there for him more than his own father and more that he will ever comprehend, I loved him like I love my own son… boy, “Your Mama Rocks” – this one is for you and your dad, I hope you enjoy it.
You Rocks, will never ever be loved like I loved you. You are so empty, so cold. You are so much like Iceland, you are a liar and an iceberg without any feelings whatsoever. That “snail” will never be able to love you because he is boneless, heartless, and bloodless as he never had the courage to meet me because he knew he would lose. I will still search for you in my dreams and wait for you in that special place near the magic lake where I offered you my ¥ love on our day at noon every month. The funny thing is after all the hell you put me through I still love you even though you swore you loved me so many times, even though you were the most “Sexy Funk” of my life you let me became “The UnderDog”.


Chapter I
She showed Herself to me in a century when depravity, lies, exaltation and show off were fashionable. I was eager dreaming of true love and I was looking for it passionately when I started dreaming about Her. I dreamed of her so often that I started to know Her and when I woke up I was still looking for Her, I was looking for Her everywhere and I couldn’t find Her anywhere. I looked for Her so much that I started to draw her and I drew her because I wanted to meet her, I felt that She exists somewhere in this Universe, or maybe in a parallel universe or a Multi Verse, in a different world, on a different planet, somewhere, sometime. She was so beautiful that She had to exist somewhere.
I kept looking for her and my life became sadder over time because I couldn’t find her. I started traveling through all the cities of the world, I looked for her on different planets and everywhere else! She was nowhere to be found! The more we looked for her, the further away She was. I felt her presence, sometimes I felt her touch, I felt her love, but She was a lure, she was a cold ghost, she was something, She was somewhere sometime and nowhere..

I didn’t find her and in my dreams she appeared more and more often and was closer and closer and when I woke up the sadness consumed me like an unseen beast.
I asked everywhere… I asked the poets to describe her in verses, I asked the painters to paint her for me in colors even though She was a ghost… She was a living ghost that consumed me from the inside, grinding me.  

Once I met an old man who looked like a wizard with a face furrowed by time who drove a dark carriage as if bewitched, who after listening to me, said “You are destined to struggle, you are destined to search until you die, you will be restless until you will find Her, and if you find Her, your life will change” and that my friend, became my curse.

How will it change? I asked him..

“The fog is thick and it is mixed with the smoke of the Witches from the “Tara Ielelor”. No one dared to go there but the Legend of the Lord of the Strings says that a great and fearless Knight will tame the Queen of the ielelor Herself. Many knights tried to find her and they all lost their souls going to search for Her. Son, you have a hard trial ahead of you, my son. Only EL Magoo can tell you if you are destined to succeed in this life time test”.

I have been looking for EL Maggo for years and He is nowhere to be found. I woke up after long searches and I was caught in the web of two mythical facts without which I could not live or die. I’ve been to the end of the world and He’s nowhere to be found… Neither is She, The Woman of my dreams… Woman, childish fairy, sexy and desirous was begging for love, cold and wild She was sad and the “River of Her Life” was quenched and dry. The “Water of Life” in Her belly was dried up, that wonderful creature that I dreamed of for centuries wanted love crying and screaming She wanted warmth and freedom. Then one night in my enchanted dream that often became a nightmare, a light appeared, a warm light that invited me to follow it. It was a wired light, warm but cold, strong but weak, pulsing in a sea of diaphanous, mystical and consuming colors surrounded by a deadly scary fog.

I decided to follow that mystical ball of fire wherever it took me.

That magical Fireball took me to the “Land of Hope” and through the “Fountains of Hell” where many womanly creatures lured me into their magical nets with breezes touches and caresses that seemed warm and real and if I got close to them they became cold, scary and disappeared like a cloud of ash. My path was unclear, cold and difficult, but the magical fireball was pulling me towards the unknown with a frightening power. The magic of the Fireball kept walking me through parallel worlds, changing with beautiful people, with ugly, evil people and with beautiful flawed women who attracted me and invited me with their arms in their alluring worldly nets. For centuries my world was a mixture of reality and dreams in which I was desperately searching for Her. She was so close that I felt I could touch her and when I reached out to grab her, She would disappear. When she disappeared, the Magic Fireball appeared with lights that seemed to change with my mood wanting to guide me somewhere. At a certain point after a long time on the mystical and dark Path of the Lost Souls enticed me to stay in the “Land of the Dead” the fog dissipated. Suddenly The Path was lit by the Magic Fireball which until then could not give off too much light. I felt that I had entered the El Maggo’s Forest where the trees had amber leaves that whistled in a restful song.

To be continued…