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Mike Vlahopol in the USA - Indianapolis Star

Upfront - Intilnire magica prin intermediul portalului MySpace.

Indianapolis-based singer Chrissy Wolkof is making music with European collaborator and she credits networking web-site for the connection. Romania native Mike Vlahopol, a flashy guitarist in the tradition of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, is scheduled to arrice Monday in the United States. Wolkof and Vlahopol, who have formed a band called U're Nxt, plan to finish work on an album they started earlier this year in Romania. Vlahopol left a comment last November on Wolkoff's MySpace page, expressing an intrest in hearing her sing. Wolkoff, who performs with local cover band Chrissy & Hard Ride Express, says she and the guitarist woudn't have crossed paths without the internet. "I was not expecting this to happen", she says. For more information, visit

by David Lindquist

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