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World Leading American Company - Endorses Mike Vlahopol

Started as a family business D'Addario went through many important changes but the most improtant thing is that they actually started to manufacture strings before the 1905. This shows me how much experience they have.

D'Addario history is so big, therefore I recomend you to see it for yourself, here.... D'Addario

Starting July 2010 Mike Vlahopol is officially endorsed by D'Addario.

Mike is using D'Addario strings exclusively since 1996 when he got his limited edition "Red Head" guitar. Now he was offered the honor & the opportunity to be endorsed by the above mentioned world leading strings company.

" Ever since I got my "Red Head Guitar" I tuned it fixed my angles on the whammy bar & put a set of D'Addario 0.09-0.42 (the EXL 120).
Back in 1996 it was pretty hard to get strings and until than I had different guitars & it didn't matter to much what kind of strings I used so for a long time I used whatever.

My "Red head" only knows one single brand of strings since I got it & that is D'Addario. I got so well acquainted to these strings I now know exactly when it will brake.
Having a LoPro Edge II whammy bar makes me dive on it like nuts many times & the whole guitar & the EXL 120 D'Addario strings are doing just great every time. The EXL 120 stretch up to two full tones & it keeps my guitar on tune for ever"...

Mike's guitars are powered by D'Addario Strings exclusively!

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