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Vlahopol Guitars



"The Only Company In The World

That Pays You Back Every Single Cent

Regardless How Much You Pay For Your Instrument"

For all guitar players:

- How would it be to receive money after you buy a Vlahopol Guitar?

- How would it be to receive money from us any time you will bring a customer?

- How would it be to have the chance after you buy a custom Vlahopol Guitar, to get all your money back and even more?

Its possible – because WE care, because WE can!


Yes, You Heard That Right!

 We are working around the clock on a specially designed program called M.P.Programe. a.k.a.  "Musician Protection Program", just for YOU, for YOUR Benefit!... Musicians working for musicians!

Because we are the first musical instrument manufacturer ever that really cares about its customers we are developing a program that will help you get all your money back, regardless of how much you pay for your instrument and not only that, BUT .. you can actualy recover your investment and make much more that what you payed.

And IF you are courious to know what are we up to & how it  works, when you buy your guitar just ask about the "Musician Protection Program - M.P.P.".

       You will be amazed about our idea & how easy that is!...   ;o)

In fact if you'll get in our "M.P.P." you will not only get your money back, but you have a good chance to at least double your money & if you are smart enough YOU are in, for a huge nice surprise.

     Very Simple, No strings Attached! ...